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NPCCRS home and auto damage estimation website featuring guides on estimation as well as the star 2000 estimating program for Windows based computers
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NPCCRS National Property & Casualty Claims Research Services, Inc; 51 Parsonage Street, Suite 200; P.O. Box 203; Newville, PA 17241; Phone: (717) 776-3900; Fax: (717) 776-3969
National Property and Casualty Claims Research Services, Inc. (NPCCRS) produces information that is necessary to accurately estimate the cost of repairing damaged property, such as cars, trucks, houses, commercial buildings, boats, mobile homes and recreational vehicles.

Since 1978, our independent research, testing and time studies have enabled us to compile, document and publish hundreds of "Damage Repair Reports". Each report is carefully researched to provide accurate and unbiased technical information, photos and illustrations that cover a wide variety of damage repair and estimating topics. Anyone who owns, estimates or repairs damaged property can benefit from these reports. Several Estimating Guides, videos and computer programs that address specialty estimating topics are also available.

Information from NPCCRS is commonly used by collision repairers, building contractors and insurance claim departments to accurately identify: accident related damage, proper repair procedures and most importantly the cost of those repairs. Our products are designed to provide personnel of any experience level with the information they need - when they need it. We have documented many instances where the knowledge gained from just one report has increased our customers profit margin by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. With results like this our publications are a great addition to any training program. Volume purchases are also discounted making our products extremely cost effective.

These same NPCCRS publications can also assist home and vehicle owners to become better educated in the event of an insurance claim. They too can now protect their own interests by obtaining the same information that insurance companies and repairers have been (or should have been) relying upon for years. Knowledgeable customers who are equally informed will be welcomed by repair and claim professionals as a means of improved communication resulting in faster and more efficient claim settlements. As a leading source of damage estimating publications, NPCCRS will continue to produce quality information that will ultimately enhance the working relationship between collision repair facilities/building contractors, insurance companies and their customers.

"Do it yourselfers" of home and auto repair projects will also find our Damage Repair Reports very helpful. While they are not intended solely for this purpose many reports contain step by step repair and replacement procedures as a basis for cost effective damage estimating.

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