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NPCCRS home and auto damage estimation website featuring guides on estimation as well as the star 2000 estimating program for Windows based computers
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BDEG - Building Damage

This handy guide contains suggested labor times for most residential repair procedures and precalculated tables that provide the amount of material required. The guide also contains numerous diagrams and illustrations to assist with nomenclature. A glossary of property damage terms and abbreviations also serves as a quick form of valuable reference material. Building Damage Estimator's Guide
MHDEG - Manufactured Housing

Manufactured Housiing Damage
                    Estimator's Guide and Recreational Vehicle Supplement
This guide provides definitions, illustrations, and photos that identify typical mobile home and RV construction. Labor guidelines are provided to remove and replace the most commonly damaged components. Methods of determining the type and quantity of fasteners needed and possible part sources are also addressed to assist in estimating mobile home and RV construction.
FEEG - Farm Equipment

This guide includes an overview of the design and function of a wide variety of farm machinery. Basic damage and repair procedures are also outlined for various components. Numerous photos, illustrations, and diagrams provide an excellent form of component identification and terminology. Farm Equipment Estimator's Guide
SCEG - Small Watercraft

Small Craft Estimator's Guide
This estimating guide is an excellent source of information for boats up to 30 feet. Numerous photos and diagrams are used to establish terminology that is an absolute necessity to properly discuss and negotiate boat damage. Repair procedures for wood, aluminum and fiberglass hulls are provided along with labor guidelines for repairs and replacement. This guide also features information about drive unit damagability and component replacement labor.

FSV - Foreign Substance Video

(22 minutes, copyright 1990)
Foreign Substances in Internal Combustion Engines

This video identifies 'What Every Claim Adjuster Should Know" about handling foreign substance claims. It is an overview of our extensive research on this topic. The video addresses the effects of various soluble and insoluble foreign substances, such as salt, sand, sugar, saw dust and dirt added to gasoline, diesel fuel and engine oil. Such occurrences are related to both naturally aspirated (carbureted) and modern fuel injected engines. This video exposes myths and presents the truth about fuel and oil contaminants.

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