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NPCCRS home and auto damage estimation website featuring guides on estimation as well as the star 2000 estimating program for Windows based computers
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NPCCRS National Property & Casualty Claims Research Services, Inc; 51 Parsonage Street, Suite 200; P.O. Box 203; Newville, PA 17241; Phone: (717) 776-3900; Fax: (717) 776-3969

A LICENSE AGREEMENT IS REQUIRED TO ACCESS PDF FILES OF THE ADR and/or PDR REPORTS. To avoid delays, please print the LICENSE AGREEMENT and follow the instructions below.

Please read the AGREEMENT carefully. Your e-mail address and password (of your choice) will be used to log-in. Please refer to our privacy policy if you have any concerns regarding the use of your e-mail address.

  • A single subscription fee entitles a single user access to the reports. Do not share your e-mail address/password with anyone else as this would be in violation of the LICENSE AGREEMENT. To prevent such activity we will monitor certain usage data, such as the number and duration of log-ins, simultaneous log-ins, etc. and will be in contact with you if excessive or unusual usage becomes apparent.

  • If you are in AGREEMENT, please fill in all blanks, sign and mail this agreement to NPCCRS, P.O. Box 203, Newville, PA 17241. Do not fax or e-mail this agreement as we must receive an original signature to activate your account. If you require multiple users please read below, otherwise in APPENDIX A enter the number 1 as the quantity for the DATABASE(S) desired (ADR and/or PDR) along with the single subscription fee(s), then in APPENDIX B list the name and e-mail address to be authorized. When your signed agreement is received and payment is complete you will be notified of activation by e-mail. You will also receive e-mail notification when each new report becomes available on our website. Should you have any questions or experience any difficulties, please call our customer service department at 717-776-3900 or e-mail us through the contact page on this website. Thank you for subscribing to the Damage repair reports.

Each AUTHORIZED USER will require a separate subscription. Multiple users/subscriptions are discounted based on volume (To view multiple subscription volume discounts select any past issue "info" button on the ADR or PDR Index page). When ordering on-line, volume discounts will be automatically calculated and will be displayed in your shopping cart. Please enter the correct quantity of users and the appropriate fee in APPENDIX A of the LICENSE AGREEMENT, then in APPENDIX B provide one e-mail address for each AUTHORIZED user. Please sign and mail the AGREEMENT to the address above.

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