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NPCCRS home and auto damage estimation website featuring guides on estimation as well as the star 2000 estimating program for Windows based computers
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NPCCRS National Property & Casualty Claims Research Services, Inc; 51 Parsonage Street, Suite 200; P.O. Box 203; Newville, PA 17241; Phone: (717) 776-3900; Fax: (717) 776-3969
ADR (Auto Damage Repair Report
  ADR Reports provide valuable information about auto damage estimating and repair costs. Many reports address the damagability of various vehicle components along with cost effective repair & replacement procedures. Please click on our ADR Index button for a complete listing of these informative reports. (ADR reports are published bimonthly)

PDR - Property Damage Repair Report
  PDR Reports provide innovative damage estimating information about residential and commercial buildings. Proper installation and repair guidelines for a variety of building materials is just one example. We invite you to review the reports that we have available by clicking on the PDR Index button at the left of this page. (PDR reports are published bimonthly)
NPCCRS Estimating Guides - for use in damage estimation
  Our Estimating Guides are specifically designed to assist in preparing a complete and accurate estimate. These guides are an excellent source of quick reference material and are a necessity for anyone involved in damage estimating. Please click on our Estimating Guide button at the left to see what we have to offer.......

Star 2000 Structural Estimating System for Windows Computers
  The STAR 2000 system is a Windows based program that enables automotive estimators to accurately analyze and document structural repair costs. STAR 2000 provides a consistent method of estimating any type of structural damage. Please click on the STAR 2000 button at the left to learn more about this system.

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