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NPCCRS home and auto damage estimation website featuring guides on estimation as well as the star 2000 estimating program for Windows based computers
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Star 2000 System - Professional Structural Damage Reports

Vehicles today are more sophisticated than ever. Collision repair requires modern equipment, knowledgeable technicians and new procedures to ensure quality repairs. At the same time, most methods of estimating structural realignment (frame damage) remain antiquated, providing very little if any documentation, with vague explanations of the charges.

These older methods are also inconsistent and often incompatible with some types of collisions. How many technicians are still brazing or gas welding sheet metal instead of mig welding? How many technicians are still painting lacquer instead of urethane? Yes, new technology and vehicle designs have changed the way we need to estimate and repair vehicles. So, why are many estimators still using vague or undocumented methods of estimating frame and structural realignment charges? Perhaps, it is because they have not heard of the STAR 2000 System.

Screenshots from the Star 200 System

The Structural Analysis and Realignment (STAR 2000) system is a Windows based program. It is designed to enable the estimator to accurately assess structural damages caused by any type of collision. This system uses four different graphic illustrations capable of estimating structural damage to any automobile, light truck or SUV.

The STAR 2000 system relies on either a visual inspection by the estimator or the use of an electronic measuring system to detect structural damage. The estimator then assigns codes to control point areas of the vehicle that are structurally misaligned. The appropriate codes are based on the severity and accessibility of damage in each control point area. The system includes a user's guide that explains how to select codes and use the system. The STAR 2000 report as pictured below can be printed and stored electronically for easy access at any time. Compatible with all estimating software, STAR 2000 reports can also be generated at any time during the estimating process.

STAR 2000 is not only a quick and easy method of estimating structural realignment it is also the most accurate, since these same control points are used in the actual measuring and repair process. The electronic printout provides a professional document of all structural damage included on the initial estimate. Supplements for hidden damage are easily justified. All across North America, insurance and collision repair professionals are discovering the benefits of the STAR 2000 system. A sample report of a right front impact is shown below.

Star 2000 Analysis print-out

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98 & NT (3.1 version is also available)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 486-66 MHz minimum, Pentium recommended
  • 5 MB of free hard disk space and 8MB of RAM minimum, 16MB RAM recommended
  • lnkjet or laser printer recommended

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